The lifestyle you live as a Teachers very much depends on you as an individual. You will be teaching for approximately 18 hours a week; the rest of the time is yours to spend as you wish. You will need to allocate some of this time to lesson planning.

Many institutions employ at least two Teaching Assistants and some have many foreign language teachers so you'll not be on your own. That aside, China is full of expatriates working and enjoying life in this exciting country. There are numerous opportunities to enjoy Chinese cuisine, experience the nightlife, take language or cooking classes and partake in sports. In fact, after the Beijing Olympics, the focus on sports is ever more evident in China. The Chinese are hospitable and keen to engage with 'Westerners'.


Accommodation is secure, furnished, on campus and has modern amenities, including a television, internet connection, shower and washing machine. Most have double beds. Accommodation pictures should be provided.

You will either have your own apartment or share a two-bedroom apartment with one other Teacher of the same sex from this programme. Utilities are paid for you or you are given an allowance. Shared accommodation, unless you are partners, is very unusual.

Non-teaching partners and families may be able to live with you, although they will need to pay for their own airfares. For more information, contact Professor Phil Thomas.