Luke McGlynn - Thank You

Luke McGlynnI'm an ex-TEIC applicant writing to say thank you. I had always thought about TEFL as a career but I really doubt whether I would have ever taken the plunge without the support that your organisation provided.

I applied for the TEIC program in 2009 and spent the year teaching in Shaodong, Hunan. My classes ranged from teaching elementary to high school and from 40 to 90 students per class. At times this was extremely overwhelming but as the weeks and months went by my lessons improved and I began to enjoy teaching more and more. By the end of my 9 months in Shaodong I was sure that I wanted to become a TEFL teacher long term.

A lot of my memories and experiences in China however had nothing to do with teaching. I had one month (paid!) vacation and earned more than enough to go travelling for another month at the end of my contract. I walked on the Great Wall, saw the Terracotta Army, watched horseracing in Hong Kong, trekked in Tiger Leaping Gorge and saw Panda bears in Sichuan. And while I never got past the bumbling fool stage with the language, living in China gave me solid foundations to travel independently.

Anyone who signs up for TEIC should be aware that it's not all picnics on the Great Wall. Many aspects of day-to-day life in modern China can be difficult. At times the pollution can get depressing and 9-12 months is a long time to go without seeing your family or friends. However the difficulties you encounter are tiny in comparison to the phenomenal experiences you have.

Living in China and working with TEIC made an immensely positive impact on the direction of my life and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.

Thanks again for everything,
Luke McGlynn