Layla Steeples

I have experienced so many random occurrences while in China that I have come to love the way in which the Chinese live their daily lives. These things are so bizarre by Western standards that it took a while to get used to, but now it is almost second nature!

The Chinese love it when foreigners agree to help them in whatever matter it is. For example, back in September we were told that the College would be holding a sports day and asked whether or not we would like to attend. We did and ended up spending the day like celebrities! First we were sat in the ‘Royal box’ to watch the day’s events. We were then asked to provide some ‘light entertainment’ which ranged from having a kick about with the Dean to silly races against other students and teachers! It was such a fun day, but the surprise factor will never leave me.

In early December we were asked by some students to help out at an English Speaking competition. It turned out that again we would be providing the entertainment for the students in the break! My highlight however has to be at the end of December; the college was holding an anniversary show and had asked teachers to take part in the entertainments. Many didn’t want to but I agreed along with another teacher. Then in front of 1,000 students, we performed ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ by Mariah Carey and a dance to Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t lie’. The cheers from the students were great and the college was pleased as it was the first time foreign teachers had taken part in their show. I still get compliments from students on my singing and dancing, although I am now very cautious of the words ‘light entertainment’!