Kalpna Keshra

Living and working in China has been a once in a lifetime and truly unforgettable experience. By participating in the TEIC Programme, I had the opportunity to work in one of most recognised universities in Beijing. As an oral English teacher, taking classes of about 20 students, I was able to develop my communication and interpersonal skills extensively. The students were very friendly and welcoming. I was there as their teacher but I quickly became their friend. I had gone to China to teach English and I left China having learnt a lot myself. I learnt Mandarin, I learnt a lot about Chinese culture and customs and I also had the opportunity to travel around China and South East Asia. I was able to see the famous Terracotta Warriors in Xian, visit the beautiful Sichuan province and experience the hustle and bustle of Shanghai as well.

There have been times when you do get a bit homesick; it’s only natural being in an environment which is so culturally different, but these moments are short lived. Staff within the university and the CEAIE were always at hand to help with any problems that we had which was very reassuring. China has so much to offer to anyone who is thinking of coming out here to teach. It has been a fantastic experience and I have made some great friends.

My advice to anyone thinking of taking part in the TEIC Programme is that they should most definitely give it a go. It is a great opportunity to do something different, make new friends and have an amazing time.