Alex Randell

I first came to to China through TEIC in September 2009. The help I received from Phil Thomas and then his counterparts in China was the perfect start. Coming to a new country to work and teach was a daunting prospect, but it was made easier by the fantastic support I received from all the staff at TEIC. After 2 weeks training in Changsha, Hunan I began teaching in the smaller city of Changde. I was one of the only foreigners in the city which was not as lonely as it sounds as the hospitality of the local people meant that I was never short of things to do! It was also a great envionment to practice the Mandarin I was learning every day!

After a year of teaching in Hunan, I am now teaching at big public university in the much larger city of Chongqing with two other foreign teachers I met last year. I made this decision as I simply didn't want to go back. The experience made me open my eyes to the opportunities in China, the fastest growing economy in the world. If you are looking for a new experience, or getting a head start in your career by learning Chinese language and culture, TEIC is the only option.

Alex Phillips