Jasmine Hagger

My name is Jasmine Hagger and Professor Thomas, or Phil as I call him, is my step father. I went on this teaching programme a couple of years ago and loved it. I was based at Shijiazhuang No 42 school which is a couple of hours by train from Beijing. You can see my picture with my students if you go to "The TEIC Programme", second section, of this website. I am ms white face striding out in the middle of the picture. The students were great and keen to learn. It was such fun being there and when I left I did so with a heavy heart althought the school gave us extra money. Not sure if it was in gratitude for our presence or for our departure. Anyway, money is money and it was spent travelling in China. We had gone by the Trans Siberian Railway to China and then meandered home via various countries. Now back in Cardiff in a regular job but I still dream about my time in that fantastic country. There is so much to learn and understand that I feel one day I must go back.

Please contact me should you want to know more: jazza1983@hotmail.co.uk