Mature gap year programme

Ancient Chinese StatueTEIC offers a unique opportunity to retired people who are graduates or those looking for a career break who want to experience life to the full. With a growing number of professionals retiring early to enjoy some well deserved personal freedom, travelling abroad to teach is no longer an option restricted to young graduates. In fact, given China’s attitude towards the older generation, the more respected you’ll be as a teacher.

Teaching in China will give you the chance to develop new skills, face new challenges and make new friends. What’s more, you can also bring your partner with you. They will need to pay for their own flights but once in China you will be accommodated together in a secure, furnished flat within or very close to the institution in which you are teaching.

"I went to China after many years of teaching in a tough comprehensive school. My first year in China recharged my empty batteries as I loved my new school and the pupils. I stayed on in the city, moved to another school, and feel I might stay for a long time in this fascinating country. Come and try it for yourself. I doubt you will be disappointed." Darryl Evans

You may also have the opportunity to do the programme over one semester; between February and June. The only requirement for not completing a full year's teaching, is that you pay half of your flights, either to or from China. However, one semester placements are limited as schools seek to plan for the entire academic year.

Please note: The maximum age limit for teachers is 60, unfortunately no visas will be issued for those older than 60.

For more information, please contact Professor Phil Thomas.

“It has been a thrilling experience; something I’d never imagine I would get a chance to do. A bonus has been the opportunity to travel, not only within China, but around South East Asia too. I do not regret coming here one bit and I would like to thank Professor Thomas and Xueming Liang who made this whole experience possible.” Kalpna Keshra

Images of Changsha, Hunan Province