First Impressions - Tasha, Daniel and Danny’s Story

We originally decided to go teach in China halfway through our final year of university. The TEIC programme was recommended by one of our lecturers, as previous students had used the programme and loved it. We applied online and had our telephone interview with Professor Philip Thomas. He gave us all the information we needed, which allowed us to make an informed decision on whether China would suit us. As there were three of us, Phil suggested that we go through his Chinese colleague, Lany. We had a talk with Lany on Skype and she placed us all in Loudi City, Hunan province. Two of us were placed in one school, whilst the other one was placed in a school down the road.

Loudi City is considered a ‘small’ city, however compared to the cities in England, it was large. The locals were extremely welcoming and were fascinating by us! We were always being asked for photographs as we walked down the street.

Daniel and I were placed in Loudi Vocational and Technical College and Danny was placed at Tongyun English Training School. We all worked about 16 hours a week, which averaged to 2 or 3 classes a day. The students were keen to learn and loved having young foreign teachers to talk to. The loved listening to all our stories about England and learnt new vocabulary so they could ask you questions.

During the term time we were able to travel around our province, which allowed us to see the Chinese countryside. Spring festival allowed us to venture further, as we had 2 months holiday. We visited Beijing and Xi’an, we visited all the places we wanted to and had some amazing experiences!

Overall, choosing the TEIC programme was the best decision we made. Everything was organised prior to our arrival, and we had the reassurance that we had someone to contact if we needed help or guidance. China is a fascinating country with extremely hospitable and friendly people. The teaching is challenging but very rewarding and the students will make you beam with pride. We would recommend this to everyone! Go and immerse yourself in a new and exciting culture!

Tasha, Daniel and Danny