First Impressions

Some of our current teachers will be happy to converse with you via email if you have any further queries. For reasons of security, emails can only be obtained during the application process, or in some instances, by contacting Professor Phil Thomas

Tasha, Daniel and Danny’s Story

China is a fascinating country with extremely hospitable and friendly people. The teaching is challenging but very rewarding and the students will make you beam with pride. We would recommend this to everyone!...more

Max Romanovich

I decided to come to China roughly around the time I finished reading the e-mail describing the opportunity. I’ve wanted to learn the language for a long time, and see the wonder that is Chinese architecture, the fusion of the majestic history with the magnificent modernism and the consequences of impossibly quick development and growth. This was clearly on display in the first City I arrived in: Beijing....more

Daniel Laskey

The first two weeks of your stay in China will be spent at the summer camp in Beijing and i can guarantee your first impression will be sheer amazement, the city is awesome and the mix between traditional China and the result of the economic boom is just fantastic....more

Liwsi Merrigan

I had done a fair amount of research on China before deciding to teach here. The research served me well up to a certain point; knowing not to expect the Western style toilet in most places and to expect being stared at from all angles no matter where you are ! ....more

Callum Price

I am a 22 year old from the small South Wales Valley town of Merthyr Tydfil who has never lived away from home, now living in a city of 5 million who don't speak the same language as myself, halfway across the World! ....more

Stuart Johnson

The food here is excellent (particularly the dumplings which I can't live without) and the people warm and friendly. People often stare which is off-putting, but you soon get used to it: you are considered a little exotic ....more

Irene Greaves

I'm extremely happy in China. Most people interested in working in China want to live in the big cities, which have so much to offer of course, but I must say that living in a small city is the best way to actually experience genuine Chinese culture. I live in a small city called Gaoming, which is growing at an incredibly fast pace.....more

Don Holloway

From the time of touching down at the provincial airport to help recently fixing a leaky pipe in my kitchen, I have to say that the school has my best intentions at heart.....more

Jo Buxton

Every person I have met has been friendly and helpful, and many people have stopped as I've walked past and welcomed me to China!!...more

Chris Thomas

When I was first shown my apartment I couldn’t quite believe it was all mine. I assumed we’d be placed in Halls-of-Residence or the like, but in fact I was given my own flat complete with balcony, brand new furniture, and TV!...more

Tom Hume

I have gotten used to the stares when you walk down the street, go into a shop or do any daily activity and I think this has prepared me very well for teaching. Instead of a few dozen pairs of curious eyes on the street, you have a class full of eager and curious students...more

Mark Arnold

Having been in China for around seven weeks now I can honestly say I have found my time here so far to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience....more

Michael-Kieran Hudson

The teaching also has been extremely pleasing, the students are fantastic and one major difference to the UK, speaking as former student is how attentive they are, there is a real want and desire to learn ....more

Sam Hume

Life in Guiyang is going very well. This is reflected by my good fortune in being afforded two residences. One in central Guiyang, Hunan Province, the other is situated on the outskirts of the city, where I teach. ....more