Benefits and Costs


Visa (2016 prices)
£183   - single entry (10 working days)
£245   - single entry (5 working days)
plus £8 for special delivery postage


  •  CV drafting support for China employment
  •  Advice on content of references
  •  Advice on health insurance
  •  Advice on international travel arrangements
  •  Advice on visa application
  •  Advice on Statement of Purpose
  •  HELP email document for successful living and teaching in China
  •  Telephonic/email assistance prior and post travel to China
  •  Local support in China from English speaking Chinese at CEAIE
  •  Meet and Greet on arrival at China destination

The cost of this package of support services is £190


Return airfare - You pay this upfront and It is repaid to you in two instalments over the teaching post.
Note: In Hunan the airfare is repaid at the end of the contract (£700-800).

A local salary of approximately £100 a week which is the equivalent of between £400 in spending power. Higher salaries are possible.

A free secure, furnished flat with modern amenities on campus

Utility bills are usually paid for you (except for telephone bills)

English speaking staff ‘buddy’ and full local support from the CEAIE/IEC Hunan.


TEIC provides a great opportunity to travel and make a difference, and with more competition for graduate jobs than ever, it’s one of the best ways to develop new transferable skills and give your CV that edge. If you choose to learn Chinese during your stay, this will also look great on your CV.

You will receive a return airfare from the UK, including transfers, but in the first instance you buy the ticket. It will be refunded to you in two instalments. This is to avoid the recruitment of short term ‘holidaymakers’. Also if you fail to complete your contract you may not receive the airfare. You will have a secure, furnished apartment, on campus, free of charge. It will either be for your exclusive use or you may be asked to share with another English language teacher of your gender from the programme. You will have your own bedroom. You will be paid approximately £100 a week, tax free. You can multiply this sum by three or four times in terms of local purchasing power. You will teach approximately 18 periods a week [50 minutes a period]. You will be given an English speaking staff buddy and local support from CEAIE staff based in Beijing or IEC in Hunan.

In the long New Year vacation and once your contract has ended, you also have the opportunity to do some self-funded travel around China and Asia.

NB: Teachers will be sent an employment contract from the educational institition in China. You are strongly advised to read it carefully as there might be a variation of terms. Your teaching contract is with that institution not with TEIC or CEAIE/IEC Hunan. If there are matters that require clarification please contact Professor Thomas